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Intentional Wellness Coaching helps you reduce stress so you can thoroughly enjoy your life. 

Helping you LIVE your life.

Improving your life with interventions to:

  • gaining the confidence you've always wanted

  • minimize stress

  • release limitations 

  • live your life 

  • simplify life 

  • have fun, learn & grow 

My Approach

If you are looking to improve your wellness while not giving up the things that are most important to you we will work together to achieve your goals.

There are several ways to approach every situation and it is a matter of figuring out which fits best for you. I will help you get there.

I will assist you in techniques to improve your overall quality of life.

Find out if this unique coaching experience is "right for you"

Transforming how people think and feel about wellness

Beyond your health there are aspects of wellness that allow you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life, using skills from within I can assist you in the process of improving your awareness to achieve a more fulfilled self. 

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"I get peace of mind and a more restful mind out of  the classes. It feel like a safe space, free of judgment. "

What draws you to the classes?

It is enjoyable, positive, relaxing and a safe space.

~class participants

"I love this class. It allows me to relieve the stress of life and learn positive ways to grow within myself to face life."


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